Tracing a lost pension

Many are not tracing a lost pension resulting in nearly £20 billion in unclaimed money and this is growing. The scale of the UK’s lost pensions mountain has been exposed by the largest study yet on the subject [1]. The Pensions Policy Institute surveyed firms representing about 50% of the private defined contribution pensions market…

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When investing, there’s no such thing as normal

The overall direction of developed stock markets is a relentless and continual rise in value over the very long term, punctuated by falls. It’s important not to let global uncertainties affect your financial planning for the years ahead. Individuals who stop their investment planning, particularly during market downturns, can often miss out on opportunities to…

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Key Changes to the New Tax Year

We’ve pulled together some of the key changes to the new tax year you need to know. You want to pay the minimum amount of tax possible. We want that for you, too. The 2019/20 tax year started on 6 April and, in general, taxpayers will have more money in their pocket after increases to…

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State Pension

A significant number of people working past the State Pension age could be paying unnecessary tax on their State Pensions, according to new research [1]. This is because they failed to take up the option of deferring their State Pension until they stopped work. As a result, their entire State Pension is being taxed, in…

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Building a diverse portfolio

Time, patience and making informed decisions are key to building a diverse portfolio. Making sense of today’s market headwinds and building a diverse portfolio should be key priorities for all investors. Whether you have a lump sum to invest or want to invest regularly each month, it’s important to know your money is working hard…

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May/June TIPS Financial Magazine

At the time of releasing the May/June TIPS financial magazine, the uncertainty around the terms of Brexit have been extended to a new deadline set for 31 October. All we can do is expect the best, prepare for the worst and capitalise on what comes. Inheritance Tax is no longer something that only affects the…

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Purchasing an annuity

You can normally withdraw up to a quarter (25%) of your pension pot as a one-off tax-free lump sum, then convert the rest into a taxable income for life called an ‘annuity’. There are different lifetime annuity options and features to choose from that affect how much income you would get. You can also choose…

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Millennials get real with the numbers

Millennials are chasing the home ownership dream at the potential cost of a lower income in retirement, new research [1] shows. Over a third (35%) of millennials say they prioritise saving for a deposit on a home instead of their retirement. Nearly a fifth (19%) say buying a house is the main reason they don’t…

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Approach to retirement savings

A revolution in pensions transformed the retirement prospects for millions following the passing of the Pension schemes Act 2015. April 2019 is the fourth anniversary since the introduction of the pension freedoms, a fundamental change in the approach to retirement savings. Announced by the then Chancellor, George Osborne, in Budget 2014, pensions freedoms gave over-55s…

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Looking to the future

Your wealth should work in all the ways you want it to. Whatever your goals are in life, careful planning and successful investing of your wealth can help you get there. Whatever stage of life you’re at, we’ll help navigate you through the opportunities and challenges you may face. From the old adage of saving…

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later life care

Later Life Care

Have you thought about the cost of later life care? One of the biggest challenges of the 21st century is Britain’s ageing population. There is continually much talk about later life care in the media, and it’s a subject that is going to be one of the biggest social challenges in the coming years. As…

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cost of inflation

Cost of inflation

The impact of inflation on savings and investments, especially of those retirees living on fixed income, is an important issue. But it’s also not good news for other savers and investors, as it can erode the purchasing power of money. Inflation is officially defined as the sustained rise in the general level of prices of…

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